If you've been looking at available office space with the intentions of opening up a new business venture in Mississauga you're probably going to want to do some research first to see what type of new business would thrive in the city. The first mistake any new business owner could make is opening up a business in a saturated field. You don't want to open up a dentistry clinic if the competition is already too vast. In a field such as dentistry the only way you can survive if you're new is if you're already an established dentist with a clientele list that will follow you. You can thank BNI Forest City, who organize networking events in London Ontario for providing this content for you.

So you need to take a look around the city to see which industries aren't worth competing against and which fields you believe you could stake a claim in. For instance, starting up your own real estate agency isn't something we would advise. There are already enough real estate agents in Mississauga and you would just blend into the pack. You want to look into areas that aren't being serviced and make your mark in a city that was once deemed one of "Canada's Best Locations" in terms of industrial developments.

The lowest labour force by occupation in Mississauga can be found in the art, culture, recreation and sport sector. What that means is that there aren't a whole lot of jobs in those fields right now, which could produce very low competition if you were to open up a new sporting goods exchange store or bike rental and repair shop for example. You have to find out what the city needs and provide that service or product to them. Even if you have to start off in the basement of your home it could lead to something big down the line.

If for whatever reason you do decide to get into the industry starting your own real estate agency after leaving a gig at Remax Mississauga then your game better be pretty amazing. You're going to have to fight with previous employers and co-workers for a share of the real estate clientele pie in Mississauga and you need to stand out somehow. There are plenty of Mississauga real estate agents one can go to for their real estate needs so why should you be that person? If you can answer that question and then go out and prove it you'll never have to think about potential business opportunities in Mississauga again, as your real estate career will hopefully be booming. The same can be said if you open up a restaurant or car dealership in Mississauga.

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