Many people watch shows on networks like Home and Garden Television to get ideas about what they can do to their own home. You might get inspired by some of the rooms that a designer is working with in terms of what they are doing with the outdoor space or you could just see a piece of furniture that you fall in love with. One of the techniques that many designers on these shows use is faux painting finishes. They are an interesting way to transform a space into something new or just add an interesting accent to your room.

There are websites out there that can help you create hundreds of different techniques on your walls with paint. But, before you decide that one is perfect for your home you should pay attention to how difficult each of them are. While it might be easy to make a dresser look like it has a faux wood grain, it could be a lot more difficult to make your wall look like it's made out of bronze.

You might want to start developing your faux painting technique on an old piece of furniture that you're brightening up and giving new life to rather than jumping right into a huge project of one of the major rooms in your house. This might also allow you to try out a few different techniques before you decide which you are best at and which you like. Some people are trying to give their new luxury home that element of additional character by aging some trim while others want a room that people can really talk about by making all of the walls look like leather.

If you're new to faux painting and you want a bit of a guarantee of what you will get then there are many paint companies that are now offering special paints and tools that are specifically meant to create one look on your walls. You will usually just need to buy the correct paint and application tool and then can go home and watch a video of how to do the technique. Before you know it you will be putting up your art on a wall that looks like it is stone or one that looks like plaster. There are so many choices when it comes to faux painting finishes.

Of course if you find that it's just too much work getting the faux finish to look the way you intended, you can always call in the pros! If you are in the Ottawa area, start with Ottawa Commercial Painters.

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